Medical Services

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the medical services I can offer, but if I am unable to provide the exact medical service you require, or if you require a specialist, I’d be happy to review your needs and put you in contact with a medical provider who can help.

Women's Health Checks
(inc. Pap Smears, Breast Checks, Implanon Insertion and Removal, Family Planning, Menopause)

Men's Health Checks
(inc. Prostate Checks, Erectile Dysfunction)

Childhood Health Checks
(inc. 4 Year Health Checks, Bedwetting, Behavioural Issues)

Baby Growth and Development Checks
(inc. 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 Month Health Checks and Antenatal Care)

Immunisations and Vaccinations
(inc. Childhood, Travel, Flu, Pneumovax, Hepatitis, Tetanus and Whooping Cough)

Skin Cancer/Mole Checks
(inc. Annual Skin Checks, Assessment of Lesions and Removal of Moles)

Diabetes Management
(inc. Management Plans, Referrals and Insulin Management)

Chronic Disease Management
(inc. Management Plans and Referrals)

Aged Care
(inc. Over 75 Health Care Assessments, Social Wellbeing)

Minor Surgical Procedures
(inc. Moles, Skin Cancers, Skin Tags, Abscess Drainage, Joint Injections and Wound Closures)

Medical Examinations
(inc. Work Cover, Insurance, Driving, Diving, Company Medical and Pre-Employment)


Resources and Referrals